Turanabolic ASIA PHARMA

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Generic name: Trenbolone acetate

Packing: 100 tabs 10mg each

Dosage Form: Film coated tablets packed in 10 strips of 10 x 10mg tablets. Tablets have embossed letter “TUR” on one side and embossed number “10” on the other.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Anabolic substance for systematic application. Anabolic steroid. ATC code A14A A02.

Pharmacological properties:

Turanabolic is Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone active substance produced under the brand Asia Pharma. It is a steroid for oral administration and is a modified version of hormone testosterone. Turanabolic is derived from methandienone with a lower androgenic and anabolic activity. Such a structure of the drug Turanabolic lowers unwanted side effects of estrogenic activity, such as fluid retention, unwanted fat deposition of the female type, gynecomastia.

Indications for REFERENCE:

Exhaustion of different types, disturbance of protein metabolism after severe injuries, infectious diseases, burns, major surgery, radiotherapy; osteoporosis of various degrees, progressive muscular dystrophy; myopathy and prevention of osteoporosis during treatment with corticosteroids; slow formation of callus after fractures. In pediatric patients the drug is indicated for stunted growth, Turner’s syndrome, anorexia and malnutrition.


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