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Generic name: Sildenafil

Packing: 4 tabs 100mg each

Silagra was launched by Cipla (Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories), a well-known pharmaceutical company that has hundreds of high-class products being sold world-wide in more than 180 countries. Silagra is a generic equivalent to Viagra, and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, USA (FDA). It contains the same Sildenafil citrate that is present in Viagra, and is used for the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction (also known as male impotence).

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder in men in which they fail to attain an erection needed for sexual intercourse, and satisfaction of sexual desires. Erectile dysfunction is found generally in middle age or older men, and can be caused by a medical disorder or psychological stress. Erectile dysfunction occurs when the blood vessels in the muscles of the penis fail to take in enough blood to cause an erection.
The main ingredient of Silagra, Sildenafil citrate, produces nitric oxide (NO) in the area of the penis called the corpus cavernosum (a sponge like erectile tissue) causing smooth muscle relaxation, which in turn increases blood flow in the penis and thus causes an erection. It helps patients with erectile dysfunction to attain an erection and maintain it long enough to satisfy their sexual desires and avoid humiliation in front of their sexual partner – and thus it provides social security, long lost because of this medical condition.

Silagra is only a stimulant to help attain an erection, and thus will not cause an erection without any initiative. Therefore the humiliation of attaining an erection when you don’t want it is avoided. Silagra also makes sexual intercourse more enjoyable by increasing the sex drive, performance and stamina.

Cipla has obtained a patent for the manufacture of Silagra and sells it cheaper than its branded equivalents.  This does not mean that Silagra contains cheaper and sub-standard chemicals. Cipla is able to save money by cutting their expenses on marketing and advertisements, thus the cost of bringing the product into the market and running the business is reduced, so they sell their products at cheaper rates than other companies. As it is cheaper than other products of the same type, it enables the less well-off patients to treat their medical condition.

The dosage depends on the doctor’s prescription and the patient’s medical condition and history. However Silagra can be used to treat any patient of any age suffering from erectile disorder, even if the disorder is very old. Generally Silagra is available in tablets of 100mg and is taken at least one hour before sexual intercourse. Silagra may only be taken once a day and excessive use can cause adverse effects.



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