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Generic name: Vitamin B-12

Packing: 3 vials 2ml/1 mg

Articlox is a form of vitamin B-12. It is used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning. Articlox works by helping cells in the body convert cyanide to a form that can be removed from the body through urination. Articlox is used in an emergency to treat cyanide poisoning. This type of poisoning can occur if you are exposed to smoke from a house or industrial fire, if you swallow or breathe in cyanide, or if you get cyanide on your skin. Articlox may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.
In some settings, panic symptoms including tachypnea and vomiting may mimic early cyanide poisoning signs. The presence of altered mental status (e.g., confusion and disorientation) and/or mydriasis is suggestive of true cyanide poisoning although these signs can occur with other toxic exposures as well.
Articlox provides Vitamin B12 supplementation for the treatment of illnesses caused by a lack of Vitamin B12 like poor sight due to toxins such as tobacco (tobacco amblyopia), deterioration of the optic nerve resulting in loss of vision (Leber’s atrophy) and in the treatment/prevention of addisonian pernicious anemia and other anemias due to deficiency of Vitamin B12.
Pharmacology is a crucial part of medicine wherein various medications are used to advance the well-being of an individual. Some drugs cure the infection or a disease; few prevent the occurrence of a symptom or a disease, and few are used in long-term treatment of the disease. Drugs are obtained from the plants as well as they can be synthesized organically. The drugs are used in various combinations or a single drug by the pharmaceutical industry during its preparation. The half-life of each medicine is different, and the dosage of the drug depends on the half-life of the drug.


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