Arimidex Anastrozole


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Generic name: Anastrozole

Packing: 28 tabs 1mg each

Arimidex (Anastrozole) comes under the class of anti-estrogen drugs and inhibitors. Arimidex is considered very effective for the treatment of breast cancer in women. It is given as a front-line treatment to postmenopausal women who have breast cancer. However, it does not help in the complete recovery from breast cancer, because it facilitates in slowing down the growth of advanced cancer. It is also commonly used by the steroid users for the prevention of edema and Gynaecomastia.

Arimidex is reliable because it is approved by FDA, and there are various treatments that can be undertaken by using it. Most doctors prescribe the drug in combination with other drugs. In addition to that, it stops cancer from spreading into various parts of the body. In this way it prolongs the survival of cancer patient. There are very few conditions for which the use of the drug is prohibited, such as hypersensitivity to anastrozole. Moreover, the conversion of oestrogen is facilitated with the help of an enzyme, known as aromatase. Arimidex suppresses the activity of this enzyme, and in this way it helps to control the level of oestrogen in blood.

The effectiveness of Arimidex can be improved by taking the regular and right dosage of the drug. The effective dosage of the drug is 0.25 – 1.0 mg/day. If you missed a dose, then take it within 12 hours. If 12 hours have passed then do not take two doses, but skip it and wait for the next time to take it.

Arimidex is considered good for minimising oestrogen levels as well. It is better to have a blood test, to check the level of oestrogen, after taking Arimidex for a week. In fact, it functions to block the conversion of aromatisable steroids into oestrogen. Unlike other such drugs, it completely blocks the conversion in any tissue of the body.


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