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Generic name: Xenical
Packaging: 84 tabs 120mg each
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Product Description

The main function of Xenical is to block the fat from being absorbed into the intestine. Xenical is used together along with low calorie diet for reducing obesity in people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high levels of triglycerides in the blood. Xenical is also used for other reasons in addition to the above mentioned ones.

Xenical should not be consumed if you are allergic against one or more constituent of the drug. Patients suffering from gall bladder problem, chronic mal-absorption problem should refrain from Xenical. It is also wise to inform your physician if you suffer under active thyroid, kidney stones, pancreatitis, and diabetes type 1 and type 2, or if you consume alternative weight loss products. Xenical should also not be given as a over-counter medicine for children under 18 years. Xenical should also not be used for others, especially who suffers from eating disorders, unless it is prescribed by a doctor. Xenical should be stored away from kids and pets. Xenical is a part of the complete weight loss program and should not be depended on the drug solely for weight loss.


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