Cytomel T3

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Generic name: Cytomel T-3
Packaging: 30 tabs 25mcg each
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Product Description

Cytomel is mainly used for treating patients with low thyroid functions. This drug is also used for treating other types of goiters and also helps in diagnosing certain thyroid functions and also treats patients who are allergic to other thyroid drugs. The thyroid hormone works by artificially replacing the natural thyroid hormone.

Cytomel should not be used if you are allergic tone or more ingredients of the drug. Persons who suffered heart attacks and who have untreated thyrotoxicosis and uncorrected adrenal gland problem should refrain from using Cytomel.

Some medicines interact with Cytomel. Medicines like estrogens, birth control pills, blood thinners like warfarin, digitalis glycosides like digoxin, ketamine triglyceride antidepressants like amytriptyline, vasopressors like epinephrine, insulin and other diabetic drugs like glyburide, decrease the efficacy of Cytomel.


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