Andriol – Restandol

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Generic name: Restandol
Packaging: 30 tabs 40mg each
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Product Description

Andriol – Restandol is used for the treatment of certain breast cancer varieties. Andriol is used in hormonal therapy in males producing in sufficient testosterone male hormone.

Andriol – Restandol is taken as a whole orally with the help of water. The drug should be taken only once or twice in a week. The medicine is usually taken after the meals to minimize stomach upset, and the drug has to be taken at the same time at every dose. The dose of Andriol should not be increased as it will produce no significant results contrarily will increase the side effects of Andriol.

Some rare side effects like head ache, stomach upset, acne may be seen in the patients. Other side effects like increased hair growth, anxiety, enhanced sex drive, insomnia, depression, increased urination are also seen. In males, breast enlargement, increased erection, an also be seen. Skin allergies like rashes, dark colored urine, light stools, pigmentation of skin, eyes, nausea, swelling of hands, legs, etc, difficulty in breathing are also seen.

It is wise that you tell your doctor if your suffer from prostate cancer, liver or kidney dysfunction, heart problems, enlargement of prostate gland, allergy to any kind of drugs before administering the drug. Prolonged use of androgens increases the risk of liver cancer and it is advisable to talk to your physician regarding the dosage duration. The drug also should not be used for pregnant mothers or breast feeding mothers. Women should be tracked for virilization symptoms like voice deepening, growth of facial and body hairs, menstrual irregularity, enlargement of clitoris. Andriol should be administered with high caution. Geriatric men are at a high risk for developing prostate enlargement or prostate cancer after the course of the drug.



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