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We have established the Official Online Portal offshorepharmashop.com with the Goal of providing an alternative for expensive Drugs on Markets of developing Countries, which can not afford the expensive proprietary Drugs.

Online Pharmaceutical Platform offshorepharmashop.com is the official Importer of Asia Pharma and British Dragon Products. We sell original Asia Pharma, British Dragon and other Products that can all be verified on the original page of AsiaPharma.com or BritishDragon.com.

Our ultimate Goal is to provide safe generic Drugs at the most competitive Prices. This Online Pharmaceutical Platform provides the highest quality Generic Medicines currently available on the Market. Each and every one of the Products available through our online Store has been produced using the best base Materials and with the most professional care at the World-class Pharmaceutical Factories, labelled with the GMP Production and Manufacturing Standards.

Each of the Products from our Production Line has been approved by local FDA and also certified Internationally. Therefore You are guaranteed to find our Products safe and optimally effective.

Through Years of Experience we know which Medications work well and suit Your specific Needs. Our Professional Team is online 24/7, providing You all the needed Help, Guidance and General Advice, also being able to solve whatever non-standard Issues might come up.

We work for and in our Customer’s best Interest and take pleasure in doing so.
Whatever Your Needs are, do not hesitate to contact us.

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